Discovering the History of MakePi


It is time to walk you through our product development process and learn more about MakePi.

MakePi was born envisioning to cope with STEM’s teaching and learning processes. With this drive, MakePi’s founders started to validate their hypothesis throughout Happy Code’s extensive network of teachers and students.

As a result, they came up with a simple idea: to build an educational tablet that children all over the world could build with their own hands and learn how to code.

Dreaming of encouraging kids to build their own computer, MakePad was born to teach how to code, create music, games and more.

Cesar Martins, Founder

Targeted to Z and alpha’s generations, which have been learning about everything from their fingertips, MakePad’s engineering team faced their first challenge: to customize a video driver that could run a 10.1" touchscreen LCD display powered by Raspberry Pi CPU. Challenge accepted and delivered: Here is a picture of our copyrighted breakthrough!

By November, MakePi will be launching the MakePad on a crowdfunding platform. 

Follow us on this journey subscribing at and help our children towards infinity and beyond.

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