Teach Your Children to Be Entrepreneurs With MakePi

Teach Your Children to Be Entrepreneurs With Makepi

Entrepreneurship does not relate simply to creating stuff. Period. And this misconception should be disrupted from the very beginning. Otherwise, children will not understand failure as part of the creation process, for instance. Perhaps, the most important one. Beyond that, children should be taught to be entrepreneurs by making educational technology one meaningful component of their curriculum. Likewise, MakePi has developed one DIY concept that will provide great opportunities to foster collaboration and communication within students, teachers, and families, involving them towards critical thinking and problem-solving paths.

Here are some other aspects to be taken into consideration to encourage children to be entrepreneurs:

  • Grit over talent: develop the will to thrive, not giving up, trying harder! MakePi has designed embarked applications for the MakePad, such as the Make-mods. This solution will challenge any children to code their way through the Minecraft platform. They will learn how to code with Blockly by dragging and dropping variables and commands into the game with their own fingertips!
  • Purpose over common sense: build dreams and pursue them! By assembling components by themselves, children will develop reasoning skills and discover how computers work. MakePi and its DIY concept will allow children to learn electronics with full hands-on experience;
  • Creating over mimicking: collaborate to create! With Make-music application, children will learn to code and, therefore, produce original digital music by interacting with Blockly language.

MakePi foster creativity, either at home and schools. Finally, encourages children from all over the world to have grit, purpose and create their own ideas! Subscribe to MakePi newsletter and have access to updates, special offers and much more.


MakePi is a startup that was born to empower learners, makers and educators. The company has a background in STEM education and technology that comprises Happy Code’s computer science teaching across U.S., Latin America and Europe. The dream is to make tech education possible for every child from all over the world with MakePad. By November, MakePad will be launched on a crowdfunding platform. Follow this journey subscribing at makepi.com and help children towards infinity and beyond!

Marcos Oliveira

Source: MakePi


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